Founded in 2010, with its specialist physicians and medical team, Orion Assistance has succeeded in securing itself a place in the international medical assistance sector in a short period of time, and having succeeded in difficult cases, has rendered itself heard of. With its young and dynamic team, and experts in their own fields, Orion Assistance is integrating innovations in this continuously developing sector and is advancing with firm leaps every passing day.

The company has been established with the purpose of integrating the requests for ambulance services submitted by individuals and organizations in this country and abroad under one roof. Orion Assistance has succeeded in incorporating ambulance services from all region of Turkey. Having set up a wide-based value-added service network in the industry after having successfully provided road and air ambulance services, Orion Assistance continues to prosper.

We Are Professional, Competitive And Competent In Our Service

What We Do?

Quality Management

Client satisfaction is the foremost priority in the provision of services in all fields of assistance. To ensure the highest degree of satisfaction by the clients, a company needs to undergo regular internal audits, thereby increasing the awareness of the company personnel regarding every single part of the process of assistance. Naturally, internal audits have to comply by external audits performed by third parties abding by international standards.

In order to accomplish impeccable services, Orion Assistance has acquired the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate in the category of International Assistance and Claims Services in May 2015, in addition to ISO 14001:2004 QMS Certificate in Environmental Management System within the context of International Assistance and Claims Services.

In accordance with the principles and processes of the QMS, Orion will continue in tha path for excellence fort he years to come.



Erşah Aksa

Founder & CEO

  I had started to work in ground and air ambulances as a fisrt aid staff after i completed my Nursing Education. Then i established an ambulance company called City Ambulance. I have specialied on fisrt aid process while providing service the well-known associations with city ambulance. Then, i founded ORION ASSISTANCE in 2010 with the aim of serving all types of ambulance services all over Turkey and from Turkey to the rest of the World. At the present, we began to provide Medical Assistance Services to clients of insurance companies worldwide with our great experiences.
Our aim is to be movers and shakers in this sector with our so much experince and our qualified services as an Orion Assistance Company.

Ünal Erbatur

Managing Director

  After I graduated from technical education faculty of Marmara University, i have decided to use my skills and educational achievements in insurance sector. So, i had worked in Eurocross assistance company(AGİS) for ten years. Now, i have been working for Orion assistance since two years. My greatest purpose is to contribute to Orion Assistance with my know-how and all experince, while it is reaching its own target.

Emrah Gültekin

Assistance Coordinator

  I started my career in healthcare business in Acıbadem hospital in 2008 and continued for a period of 4.5 years by working in Eurocross assistance company.I have been working for Orion Assistance last two years with my 9 years of experince in the business.

Veysel Kurt

Assistance Coordinator

I've been working as an Assistance Coordinator at the Orion Assistance. I finished MBA programme for international marketing at the Yeditepe University. I have lots sertificates about that Public Relations and Human Behavior. My greatest purpose is to benefit my company simultaneously while developing my skills. My aim to be always beneficial to the company with its strong communication ability.

Irmak İlme

Assistance Coordinator

I graduated from visual communication design department of Yeditepe University. I have worked in advertising sector for years. I have acquainted with the insurance sector through the Orion Assistance. I have been working for orion assistance for 2,5 years and i am very happy for being a part of this young and dynamic team that has a great succes in a short time.

Peyman Fathirezaei

Assistance Coordinator

I graduated from department of economics in Azad University, Iran. I came to Turkey after, i had worked in this sector in Iran for short period. I have been working in Orion Assistance as a Assistance Coordinator for two years. I have provide service to our custumers in persian and Turkish.

Murat Rencber

Transportation Coordinator

I had been worked as a chauffeur for four years. Then i met with Orion assistance in 2015. I am the responsible staff in Orion Asssistance concerning the all of the transportation works. I aim to provide best services to our custumers and to Orion assistance with my all experience.

Veranika Aheichyk

Assistance Coordinator

I graduated from International University MITSO. Then i had got a master's degree in marketing and economy departman of BNTU university. I came to Turkey in 2014. İ have been working in Orion assistance since 2014 as an Assistance Coordinator and i am offering service to our custumers in belarusian, russian and in English.

Zafer Aksa

Roadside Assistance Coordinator

After i had completed my long-distance shipmaster education, i worked in freighters as shipmaster for three years. Then i have decided to change sector im my career so, I started my career in insurance business. I have been working in roadside assistance departmant of Orion Assistance for three years. We are providing the best services in the area of roadside in English and in Turkish.

Adalet Gok

Medical Director

I had worked in some Private Hospital as a Medical Doctor for seven years After,i had completed my medical speciality education in Akdeniz University. Then, i have managed some global Project as a Project coordinator on behalf of Ministry of Health for ten years. Now, i contribute to Orion Assistance with all my experience to manage the cases in the best way.

Selcuk Coskun

Acount Executive

I graduated from public administration depatment of Anadolu University. Then i had offered banking facilities to commercial customer more than ten years. Now, i have managing financial services in Orion Assistance as Finance Executive.

Samet Kuzu

IT and Software Development Manager

Be a part of a company that provides non stop and unlimited service and that the person who provided this continuity is yours creates a sense of responsibility.We provide services to our customers in a fast and reliable manner with a high level of software.You need to have an excellent technological structure for an excellent service.

International Travel and Health Insurance Journal (ITIJ) Awards 2015

Assistance Company Of The Year




Medical Escort

We have a large medical team of medical escorts for medical escort missions within Turkey and abroad. Medical escorts carry along the necessary medical equipment according to the patient’s disorder, ensuring safe repatriation and delivery of the patient to home country. Our medical professionals minimize any risks and complications that may occur on a repatriation flight. With our wide service network of medical professionals, we can also provide medical escorts who speak the native language of the patient.

Home / Hotel Doctor Services

With our experienced doctors, our service network located all over Turkey provides organization of services for patients at the comfort of the patient’s home or hotel. When the need arises, our doctors arrange transfers of the patients to the most appropriate medical centers through contact with the first responders at the scene. Our professional support is offered to the treating doctors at healthcare centers where the patient can receive appropriate treatment in a safe and comfortable environment.

Hotel / Transfer Arrangements

According to the demands of our patients or their relatives, transfers to the airport, hotel and hospital are provided by us. The domestic requirements for the patients outside the hospital, with regard to convenient hotel reservations for the patients and their relatives, and miscellaneous requests are provided by us in a tailor-made manner. We also provide accommodation for medical escorts and ambulance crew as the need arises.

Funeral Services

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Interpretation Services

With its extensive network, Orion Assistance provides guidance services to our patients at the pre-hospital stage, at the time of admission to the hospital, during the course of hospitalization, and after having been discharged from the hospital. Our knowledgeable medical interpreters, assist the patients with their medical needs and miscellaneous requests.

Service Network

All large hospital networks in Turkey. Common Ambulance Services Discount Agreements

Stretcher Flights

In order for the medical condition of the patient to remain stable, medical support and/or lying down on a stretcher on the flight may be necessary. Direct flights to the required destinations are found when possible and the necessary arrangements are made through the contracted airline and ground handling. Integrated with the stretcher, the necessary privacy and the required medical apparatus, the patient receives the most convenient and comfortable services on a flight. The accompanying medical team on the flight can fulfil the patient’s medical needs and any other support. You can contact our team at the call center 7/24 with regard to any questions you may have in this regard.

Miscellaneous Services

Flight Reservations
Hotel Reservations
Cash Advance
Legal Services
Customs Formalities
Visa Acquiring
Taxi Arrangements



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